Saturday, 30 January 2016


Hold my hand, come with me,              
Deep, into a world we created,

A place in between our hearts,
Where our souls once blended,

Where the Rose blossomed red,
A place the Butterfly was bred.

Close your eyes, come with me,
Deep, into a dream we've started,

A place in between our emotions,
Where reality's painted in dreams,

Where in you, my heart is spread,
A place, tears of Love we'll shed.

Take my heart, come with me,
Deep, into a journey meant for us,

To a place, a destiny, "Our Forever"
Where in love we shall forever live,

Where before a church, we shall wed,
A place, vows, "Love you to my death bed"

Love Poetry Collection
"Come With Me"
~Andy Mwalasha

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


It's so magical indeed,
when love finds you in a tear,
my heart was so cold, in need,
but you washed away the fear,
You're all i'll ever need,
Your whispers in my ear,
Oh please, Oh please, I plead!
You're all I want my Dear!

I wonder what it is,
healed my broken knees,
now i feel at ease,
Love is what it is,
Please don't ever leave,
in you I believe,
Promise me, You'll always be,
right here with me...

Lyrical Love Poetry Collection
~Andy Mwalasha

Friday, 8 January 2016


Walks in with a smile, out with pain,
signs with a trigger, never talks again,
Why? Why did you dry my only well?
Why? Why throw my snowman in hell?
Saved your life when i saved my bullet,
blood, printed your sins, a damn booklet!
Got hate for you but love hurts you better,
the heart's fierce, the soul's furiously bitter,
get the hell out of my head, O, a bad dream,
well not every tear is from a cry or a scream!

Love poetry collection
~Andy Mwalasha


Gone are the days that you'd rest your head on my chest and smell the scent of my ripe goosebumps, those days that I would lose count o...