Sunday, 13 December 2015


My bed's boring,
pillows misbehave,
walls stand staring,
only sheets, I have.

Dark, eyelids drop,
burns, desires, you,
darklin' wishes crop,
Darling, I miss you.

Short Poetry Collection
"I Miss You"
~Andy Mwalasha

Saturday, 12 December 2015


Used to come naked, a reputation,
civilized, dresses to the occasion,
Fed with lies, aching tummy, lies,
Soul dies, wild-ed cries, fetid flies.

Killed my dream, where's the body?
Buried him? Ugh, my lifetime buddy!
being a man isn't just a massive groin,
stole, sold part of that boy, rusty coin.

Dear truth, i hate your birthday suit,
You must have had a careless mum,
I still like you, but, you aren't cute,
You make my heart beat like a drum.

You hurt, torture me, agonizing pain,
no remedy to memory, enemy to brain,
closed are my eyes, open is my mouth,
for truth's painful, that gnawing's worth!

Poetry Collection
~Andy Mwalasha

Saturday, 5 December 2015


I'll swallow my lemons and spit the seeds at your face,
"I'll play a role in your life", No! Give back my space!,
Probably tripped and fell, didn't consider the loose lace, 
Well life's a tough race, not everyone gets the first place.

I'll swallow my lemons, won't spit the seeds at your face,
I did it previously and you always considered it a disgrace,
It's not all about the strides, sometimes it's about the pace,
After all, life may not always be a race, it could be a chase.

Won't touch my lemons at all, well I'll just stare at your face,
Oh, never noticed, your face looks like an empty flower vase,
Supplied critics watering mine, yours grew so gross from ace,
Free yourself from those spikes, critics are a self-hitting mace.

Poetry collection
~Andy Mwalasha

Thursday, 3 December 2015


Everyone's looking for that one person,
that will restore their lost hearts back.

Everyone's looking for that spark on,
their hearts will follow when dark.

Everyone's looking for a shield, rain on,
pours cats and dogs, won't bruise or bark.

Everyone's looking for a heart, loving version,
promising forever and never stabs any back.

And when my dreams came true, stars shone brighter,
Roses blossomed, grass greened and fields grew better,
clouds gave way to sun rays, my heart wrote a love letter,
melodic wind blew, singing in your cute voice and laughter.

I call you "My Rose", you call me "My Butterfly",
I call you "My Queen", you call me "My King",
I promise you forever, never will I ever say goodbye,
Your 'digitus medicinalis' will look lovely with a ring.

I Love You! I promise you Forever!

Love Poetry Collection
"Dreams and Promises"
~Andy Mwalasha

Thursday, 19 November 2015


The persona in this poem is a heartbroken soul that had been crushed, hurt and forced into dark unimaginable places, getting smashed between fierce realities of the world and the jaws of stinging pain caused by Love. Later on, this hurt soul finds the perfect soul "Angel" who heals all the wounds and proves to be the one, "Soulmate"!

Enjoy the Poetry :)


I choose to starve, food for thought, not my delicacy,
swallowed my tongue, i've loud pens, let them speak,
Don't mistake aliens for angels, both are from the sky,
pure, spotless white, like milk, filthy under the cream!

I'm drowning, lungs overflowing with water, skin's pale,
Time is cash, i bet it's more valuable in your timezone,
"Time is money", the reason I spend mine at the mall,
Stars in your ocean don't shine, they swim and survive!

My tears on hot sand evaporated, the rain you enjoyed,
stabbed me, died, then you caged my soul in a dungeon,
"DAYS" to me always meant that, I will "Do As You Say",
my soul from your fierce dungeon, rescued by an Angel!

Love Poetry Collection
"Cries From The Dungeon"
~Andy Mwalasha

Sunday, 15 November 2015


An all wrapping book. Our fore-fathers named it "Life". Well, we adopted the same name and so, we also call it "Life". A unique book which one only writes once and never gets a chance to read it, but just to mention, others do!

The book has a cover page, "The Birthday", the initial page where the first ever ink drop was dragged down the very first page. The cover page is a very special part of the book and it reoccurs in every chapter. It's normally colorful and mostly treasured by the writer of the book and also by other related writers who share almost the same content or with an interest in the content of the writer in question. It therefore holds a special place in the heart of the writer.

Like any other great book, chapters are a great deal in logical writing. Since this is a massive book, chapters prove to be an aiding element in relieving the writer the burden of a mixed up content. "Years", they are the chapters. They consist of "365 pages". Every fourth chapter has just a page more. All chapters in the book are introduced by a copy of the cover page, given some special touch with some special ink.

A book is like an abandoned sea shell, lifeless, when without what defines it as a book, pages. "Days" are the pages. Everyday is a precious page that one either voluntarily or involuntarily writes. Some opt to doodle on the pages and waste them but they still count when the book is being published. 365 of these pages, make a chapter!

You are the writer, or maybe the quill. every "minute" is a sentence punctuated by the breaths you take. The heartbeats between the words dictate the intensity of the sentence. It takes more than just ink to write into this book, so, the heart, soul, mind and blood should be blended together for the perfect ink. 

Well, sometimes writers make mistakes. Sadly, errors can never be erased and will forever remain in the book. Those are the pages the writer gets painful reviewing them. This however isn't a limitation to a great book! As long as the writer continuously scribbles into new pages considering the errors and mistakes of the previous pages, it'll all be perfect with all the flaws viewed as challenges meant to improve the writer's style and genre. Such aid the writer into growing the book's content. In addition, such type of writers have been known to publish the most successful books, with catchy contents!

Write wisely into your book! Make it voluminous as it can get. Scribble your history, have fun with your pages, yet meet your chapter objectives in time.

A great writer leaves a great legacy behind, because the book will only be published after the writer's last breath, and placed on shelves allover for young writers to review and aid them in writing their own.

Enjoy writing your "Book"!

Short Creative Writing
"The Book"
~Andrew Mwalasha

Saturday, 14 November 2015


Pricey clothing, shadow wanders naked,
time is money, oh sorry, currency faked,
subway brain, train of thoughts wrecked,
behind eyelids, a world, dusky and faded.

Caged in self, agony disguises out as smiles,
drops of pain rain down, the splashing kills,
blinking, limited vision, lost glimpse thrills,
night troubled sheets, lost in thoughts, miles.

Rib cage so toughened, self up against self,
forever self- locked, peeps out through eyes,
bought 'self- freedom', self- hate's the price,
"A self- caging self, is the most loving self!"

Poetry Collection.
"Self- Caged"
~Andy Mwalasha.

Thursday, 12 November 2015


Hat on head when old, protect the wisdom,
wrinkled skins, birthday suits need ironing,
O Queen, you make complete our kingdom,
stormy nights, us loving under the lightning.

Smiles, looking back, the life that we created,
unfading beauty, my soul in your eyes, caged,
Rose, still fresh, butterfly's nectar ever tasted,
Milady, my intentions, love you till we're aged.

Love Poetry Collection
"Till We're Aged"
~Andy Mwalasha

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Amid heart palpitations, lung-tearing breathing,
Atmospheric poisoning, with loud tense silence,
fierce blood vaporizing, veins tattered, eroding,
waves underneath the skin, Love drowning iris.

Melodic mornings, Love melodies, little paradise,
Sun, burning with jelousy, had fun with the moon,
In your eyes lies my reflection, deeper my paradise,
Nights, Mornings with you, love holds us till noon. 

Love Poetry Collection
"With You"
~Andy Mwalasha

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


In a tuxedo, all dressed in the words i say,
talk is cheap not even attention would pay,
singing in the shower, awarded in dreams,
dirty chest, even more dirtier than it seems.

The pal in mirrors, drowned him at the sink,
wrote this with warm blood, turned into ink,
am not Santa, but i'll be down your chimney,
swallowing my pride, don't wanna be skinny.

loved to swim but i would drown in my tears,
love is so sweet, getting diabetic, worst fears,
am a tortoise, slow yet always closer to home,
East or West, my old back, carries my home!

Poetry collection
"Dressed In Words"
~Andrew Mwalasha

Friday, 23 October 2015


O, exalt her Majesty,
thou shall forever reign,
royal throne, love, modesty,
crown of my heart, shine, rain.

Thou own my ribs, stole my heart,
a sip of my own blood, red for love,
engulfed in love, your body's the art,
Long live my Queen, beauty of a dove!

Love Poetry Collection
"Her Majesty"
-Andrew Mwalasha

Friday, 16 October 2015


Crystal clear pure rain drops,
elegantly on foreheads splashed,
diamonds embedded in your eyes,
honey viscously dripping off your lips.

Molten gold, beneath your skin,
your hotness won't allow it solidify,
deep in your eyes, a different galaxy,
an alien force draws me closer to you.

Clouds are crying, moon's jealous,
stars grow playful shooting the skies,
alien ships crushing before us tonight,
night drops dead silent, our lips interlock!

Love Poetry Collection
"Diamonds in the rain"
-Andrew Mwalasha

Thursday, 15 October 2015


Before you came,
a sky full of fears,
O, larva-hot tears,
hearts, won't claim.

Before you came,
my life, fell apart,
Love, the lost part,
skull full of blame.

Before you came,
a butterfly, no rose,
played with my toes,
nights, did the same.

But then you came,
scented, lovely rose,
and the butterfly rose,
Lizzie was your name.

Love Poem Collection
"Before you came"
-Andrew Mwalasha

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


If i were to choose,
my life or your love,
irrefutably, your love,
if love fades, life blues!

Webbed in my poetry,
love and ink- run veins,
heart caged, all in chains,
precious, far from jewelry!

Galloping horse, hot sand,
groomed my fur, my oasis,
your love, healed my crisis,
Oh, true love, in you, i found!

Love Poetry Collection
"I Found It In You!"
-Andrew Mwalasha.

Monday, 12 October 2015


Dear lad, the head you would toss,
pain's sad, damn, sorry for the loss,
heavy start, the end, oh deadly gross,
grounded flat, the weight of your cross. 

Dirty score, tripped, broke your arm,
by the store, couldn't use that firearm, 
eyes all sore, it ends, served your term,
one-man war, bullets, the end's a storm!

Poem Collection
"Dear Lad"
-Andrew Mwalasha

Thursday, 10 September 2015


I was once a butterfly fighting a whirlwind,
Thought i wouldn't fly, oh, fierce wild wind.

One coloured rainbow, painted with a crayon,
My world was so small, all i did was cry-on.

I swear, love does really make me feel so nice,
Always, all my life, have i yearned for that slice.

When you walked into my life, my love, my baby,
I promised myself, i'll be your man and your teddy.

My heart is your home, honey, you have my word,
Lets travel through life together, love's our reward.

Am that butterfly, drowning in nectar, on my rose,
My rose's sweet scent will forever please my nose.

"A Rose For The Butterfly"
Love Poems collection
-Andrew Mwalasha.

Saturday, 5 September 2015


I'll be your cover, when it's cold,
Always your lover, love that's bold,
Kissing forever, fingers together fold,
Watching stars, days over, i'll ever hold.

You are a beautiful star, found you shinning in the sky,
An angel, that's who you are, brought beauty to my eye,
Poured out my love, a full jar, ever sweet with you my pie,
Sugary lips, feeling them from far, kiss me love, loosen my tie.

I will always say, "I love you", because that's how i feel,
I will always say, "I miss you", my empty heart, you fill,
I will always say, "I need you", without you, life's a raw deal,
It's true love for you, "Will you marry me", on one knee, i will kneel.

Love Poems Collection  
~Andrew Mwalasha

Friday, 28 August 2015


I let myself off a cliff,
landed in a garden full of roses.
Times blue, heavy grief,
found smiles under our noses.

Drawing portraits of you all night,
got my brushes painting love.
Brushes down, night poetry write,
got my quill scribbling love.

If loving is wrong, am an outcast.
Promise it's life-long, am here to last.
Love knocks, ding-dong, always opens fast.
Lips ever serving a love song, this love, vast! 

"Life-long love"
-Andrew Mwalasha
Poem collection 2015

Thursday, 27 August 2015


Sometimes, we feel like strands of grass caught in a crazy whirlwind. Other times, we get a calm feeling like the clouds on a sunny day. We happen to make the right choices in life but sometimes the world wants to prove us wrong for what we know is right. Simply judged by the barely open eyes the world sees us through and its dusty lens that it is deliberately reluctant to clean. The despise, dumped lost love and hearts fully soaked in hate.

However, the world is not always a crazy ill-willed monster, sometimes the monster lets us pet its fur and make fun of it. Waking up in the morning feeling like you saved the world, and smiling all throughout the day, well, one of those days you find reasons to smile at anything, anyone or any situation. Everything seemingly becomes interesting. Trees dance to the cool sugar-coated melodies of lively birds, the morning sun paints your beautiful shadow on the ground with its artistic rays, and the inner you knocks from the inside, quietly whispering, and softly singing along to the rhythm of the birds. That moves you to dance along thinking to yourself, 'Oh, what a beautiful day!'

Life can be two-faced, but the beauty is, we can always live it in our own liking! Whether life gives you a bumpy ride, or a smooth, lovely one, one fact should remain appreciated. "Life is Beautiful!".

-Andy Mwalasha

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


We all get that feeling. When our dreams seem to flow so well that life feels so fresh. When the past smells so new and the present, a living gift.  The moon grins down every night as the stars playfully stick around in a scattered layout. Life gives us a friendly pat on our shoulders and grins throughout the travel. Only then, we realize the joy, the love, the smiles, the warmth that we regained when it started to snow, the courage to send blankets flying mid air on cold mornings, and the most unthinkable, the power to fight the urge of hitting the irresistible snooze button.

Oh well, behind every great start, there's a questioning mind. Think of this, waking up every morning with a sweet glimpse of the day's greatness. Where love and inspiration swiftly drive you to kiss the day as it beautifully breaks out of its shell. All that, propelled by that one grand reason, that what makes you feel reborn, loved, changed, new and happy again. Love. How incredible!

"Always believed, there's someone for everyone. Behind a lovely day, there's the power of love!"

'Behind a lovely day'
~Andy Mwalasha

Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Far into the galaxy, a peaceful life- like sphere has for centuries been spinning and going about its annual routine, moving around what we might term as the "Mother of Light". Its artistic, well placed blue and green patches, with some brown scattered detailing, make it stand out as the 'Mother of life". But not anymore, eliminating the distance, burning realities are revealed like the ocean sun at dawn. Wishes turn out to be worries and dreams become our worst living realities.

Out, by the countryside, enjoying the evening breeze on an old squeaky wooden chair. Memories pay my tired brain a friendly visit, and my fingers wrap around gripping hard on my coffee mug. A warm stream of ascending air from the mug brushes through my face leaving a moist coffee scented feel. I took short sips with satisfied full enjoyment on every drop down my throat, while the soft evening wind slowly flipped over my old tattered novel pages. Like all my days, i sat on the same spot every evening to watch the sun whisper goodbyes while it's beautiful rays waved at me.

Today was awfully different, i could hardly smile back when the sun waved at me. I could barely watch it signal its goodbyes. It felt like it was drowning and it desperately needed my help. For once, what i knew for years as fun turned out to be the darkest pain i could ever get subjected to. I was hiding into the dark corners of my soul, i grew terribly fearful of the unfolding realities.

My fingers grew weak. I could feel my muscles detach from my bones. Losing my grip on the coffee mug, gravity sent it rolling down the slope. The wind grew ragingly aggressive, my old tattered novel was set airborne in a twitch of a muscle. I rested my skull on my palms, closed my eyes and tried to look for that little spark behind my heavy eyelids. My heart started to palpitate. For a moment, it felt like it wanted to break out of my rib cage, which it has been imprisoned in for decades, and run to a free paradise. I lifted my heavy head from my palms, the sun was gone, heart broken, and it was obviously going to bed unhappy.

Life has never been still and peaceful, my heart has always fought me. The 'Mother of Life' hates me and would always empty my cup of love. She would rob me of my joy. Terrible destructive winds, raging floods, oven-like temperatures among her other disturbing measures would rip me off of my most precious moments.

Enough with the blame game, maybe I need to love her first to love me back. Maybe I need to keep her neat, heal her wounds and oil her scars. Show her that I care and ensure that I ultimately cover her with her favourite heavy green gown, which she loves so much.

 Then, I'll get to sit peacefully again in my favourite spot, taking short coffee sips while watching the sun whisper goodbyes with its rays waving at me. She won't get angry again, cause a storm or a whirl wind and ruin our little fun with the sun, instead she will watch and smile from the sky.

Now back to that great distance, far into the galaxy, a peaceful life- like sphere continues spinning, deep inside, it has been strong enough to take the harm for centuries, but from that great distance, it still stands out as the "Mother of Life"

"Heal the Earth"
-Andrew Mwalasha

Sunday, 19 July 2015




Am not worried when we aren’t holding hands,
You’ll be holding my beating heart.
Am your love hero, please don’t clap your hands,
You are holding my beating heart.

Am not worried when you leave in the morning,
You left your heart under my pillow.
Am your loving cheerful sunrise in the morning,
You are the dream under my pillow.

You bring gravity to my moon,
Stay up all night collecting stars for me,
And still keep me in bed till noon.
I locked my heart, please keep the key.

My Poem Classics

By Andrew Mwalasha

More poetry work coming your way, Thanks for reading!

Friday, 17 July 2015



This is a short love poem where the persona is conveying his delight after finally finding his soulmate. Please enjoy the poem!


There is a dove trapped in my heart,
and a flower blossoming before my eyes.

There is a spark that ignites my night,
and a strong force freezing my tears to ice.

There is a stabbing pain that won't hurt,
and a lovely feeling elevating me to highs.

On mountain tops,
Dancing to the tune of the wind,
Plucked it up, nectar smeared on,
Enslaved my nose to its beautiful scent,
Caged my eyes with its beautiful petals,
Found a rose budding on my bruised heart.

My Poem Classics
By Andrew Mwalasha

More poetry work coming your way! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 25 June 2015


My description of poetry, 'Art in form of text' Please read my short poem below with tonnes of meaning. I hope you will be able to get a fair interpretation at the end of it. Thanks!


What makes wonders,

Green grass, blue skies.
Strong visions, closed eyes,
Most drown deep in sleep.
Day dreams stab daytime,
Eyeballs burnt overnight.

Shinning united stars,
This bar rocks Obama,
Lights my shells, beauty.
Hanging from my neck,
Softly bruising my chest.
A double night tonight.

Noises of ticking clocks,
Boil my liquor-full blood,
Noses of bleeding folks,
Breathe out life, in, mud,
Brain melts, night locks,
Faces of ugly truth, a dud.

My poem classics
By Andrew Mwalasha

Sunday, 10 May 2015


For the love of our mothers, here is a poem i wrote on Mother's day 2015 as thanksgiving. Please, enjoy.

 Thank you Mothers for the great awesome work!

I yawned so hard cheeks became solid, jaws crumpled together,
I called so hard, voice became hoarse, couldn’t sing to get her,
Wide smiles, endless cheek kisses, tiny hurt ears, noisy laughter,
Let go the cries, freedom from monsters, celebrate moments after.

Under her arms I find my heaven, but to other arms she would place me,
With others, they might have them, but in her arms is the place for me,
Cries, wet eyes, harmless kicks, no trust, in their hearts, more like blasphemy,
A drop of trust, fingers tight on my cloth hem, a fixed glare blasts on me.

Silence falls, warmth in my little groin, waking up in sweet heaven again,
Soft rolls, not even a spark of pain, routine check, changes made again,
Similar calls, days like drops of rain, repeatedly does it, not even a gain,
Small dolls, volumes of toys, countless like grain, but for me, it’s a gain.

She washed me clean, but I continuously went back playing in the mud,
On fresh painted walls I would lean, with peaceful eyes, she was never mad,
Like a superhero, I would knock hard her chin, with a pat, it made her glad,
Bedtime stories, listened with keen, care and love made me  a handsome lad.

They are the spark of life, and the roots of mankind,
The flowers of our life, with fruits and sweetness of its kind,
Meant to love and to be loved, absolute mutual love for each other,
Standing on clouds, I will scribble on the sky, ‘I LOVE MY MOTHER’

Saturday, 11 April 2015

PARTED SOULS- African Kenyan Poet

It's one of the most wonderful occurrences that has been taking place since the birth of mankind. 'What are you talking about?' You may ask. Well, to give you a helping hand out of that, poets don't mostly really know what to write about when they firmly grip their pens. It just happens that they record their emotions, thought, feelings and realities in a balancing ratio and the result is an incredible piece of poetry. Wonderful! Isn't it?

Poetry is a passion that i enjoy and an alternative language that i speak. This is the reason why i did this short poem below to communicate a message and an issue that most of us face. Enjoy!


Heartbroken, shattered and crushed, eyes bled,

Loathe fully, stepping on stars, once in the sky,

Long, droopy blue face, fading happiness fled,

Ear-to-ear smiles eroded, by the tears from that cry.

I thought I was your palace,

And my heart your royal throne,

I thought I had been your King in Dallas,

And you, the Queen I would bow to as my own.

But now, darkness rules, only a candle for light,

Memories burn, like hot coal in my skull, a defeated knight,

Angry noises of ocean water coming over the shores at night,

 Fading brittle smile glowing under the late moon light

A fallen wounded King, with no weapon to fight,

In my eyes you no longer exist, maybe I just lost my sight,

A beautiful rose plant, you only gave me the thorny part,

Longed for the day taking vows ‘Till death does us part’



A Poem by Andrew Mwalasha

11th April 2015

 I hope you enjoyed. More poetry work coming your way. Thanks for reading!


Gone are the days that you'd rest your head on my chest and smell the scent of my ripe goosebumps, those days that I would lose count o...