Sunday, 13 December 2015


My bed's boring,
pillows misbehave,
walls stand staring,
only sheets, I have.

Dark, eyelids drop,
burns, desires, you,
darklin' wishes crop,
Darling, I miss you.

Short Poetry Collection
"I Miss You"
~Andy Mwalasha

Saturday, 12 December 2015


Used to come naked, a reputation,
civilized, dresses to the occasion,
Fed with lies, aching tummy, lies,
Soul dies, wild-ed cries, fetid flies.

Killed my dream, where's the body?
Buried him? Ugh, my lifetime buddy!
being a man isn't just a massive groin,
stole, sold part of that boy, rusty coin.

Dear truth, i hate your birthday suit,
You must have had a careless mum,
I still like you, but, you aren't cute,
You make my heart beat like a drum.

You hurt, torture me, agonizing pain,
no remedy to memory, enemy to brain,
closed are my eyes, open is my mouth,
for truth's painful, that gnawing's worth!

Poetry Collection
~Andy Mwalasha

Saturday, 5 December 2015


I'll swallow my lemons and spit the seeds at your face,
"I'll play a role in your life", No! Give back my space!,
Probably tripped and fell, didn't consider the loose lace, 
Well life's a tough race, not everyone gets the first place.

I'll swallow my lemons, won't spit the seeds at your face,
I did it previously and you always considered it a disgrace,
It's not all about the strides, sometimes it's about the pace,
After all, life may not always be a race, it could be a chase.

Won't touch my lemons at all, well I'll just stare at your face,
Oh, never noticed, your face looks like an empty flower vase,
Supplied critics watering mine, yours grew so gross from ace,
Free yourself from those spikes, critics are a self-hitting mace.

Poetry collection
~Andy Mwalasha

Thursday, 3 December 2015


Everyone's looking for that one person,
that will restore their lost hearts back.

Everyone's looking for that spark on,
their hearts will follow when dark.

Everyone's looking for a shield, rain on,
pours cats and dogs, won't bruise or bark.

Everyone's looking for a heart, loving version,
promising forever and never stabs any back.

And when my dreams came true, stars shone brighter,
Roses blossomed, grass greened and fields grew better,
clouds gave way to sun rays, my heart wrote a love letter,
melodic wind blew, singing in your cute voice and laughter.

I call you "My Rose", you call me "My Butterfly",
I call you "My Queen", you call me "My King",
I promise you forever, never will I ever say goodbye,
Your 'digitus medicinalis' will look lovely with a ring.

I Love You! I promise you Forever!

Love Poetry Collection
"Dreams and Promises"
~Andy Mwalasha


Gone are the days that you'd rest your head on my chest and smell the scent of my ripe goosebumps, those days that I would lose count o...