Friday, 9 December 2016


There goes the alarm. Like it does every single morning. “Thank God they made a snooze button! Time to play the same game as yesterday’s, dear phone. Let’s see how long we can tolerate each other before finally giving in to all this ‘Go off alarm, and I’ll snooze you’ boring game. Just five more minutes please...”
That’s me and pretty much almost as many people in my own age every morning. The modern youth’s a lazy person. But as much as we’re, I don’t really blame ‘us’. Perhaps I should blame the whole system and the society for the rot. But, I won’t. I shouldn’t… I think I shouldn’t!
All this reduces down to an individual’s own self, and how much self-discipline has been gathered by themselves. “I will do this today.No, maybe tomorrow.” Well they say, tomorrow never comes. “Let me sit down and apply for the job right away! Oh Dear, She texted! I’ll chat with her first…” The modern youth lacks self-discipline. Incredibly mislead we are. Lost, and the light at the end of the tunnel is burning low. There are a lot of tunnels before us, to worsen the situation, to begin with. ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ have since become siblings. We’re torn between which one to follow.

“Tomorrow, I will wake up early, and make a change!” Tomorrow comes, the routine wrongs still rock! The modern youth needs a fresh pair of legs to walk in life with, and do away with the crutches the system and the society made us believe in. An American - Kenyan gentleman once said, “Yes we can!”. We can change it all. We can get those jobs. We can be early birds. We can pass those tests. All we need is just ourselves!

"The Modern Youth"
Drew Poetry 
~Andy Mwalasha.


Friday, 28 October 2016


Down a dark alley, strolling. A dying weak heart on one hand, on a countdown to its last beat. At a corner, you sat, terrified, afraid, eyes filled with mist, cheeks lotioned with tears. "Take my hand." A whisper charged amid my lips. "Sitaki...Mimi naogopa." You gave a dying response, without bothering to glance up, to find out who was asking.  

"Tafadhali" Insisting deeply hoping that you'll give in to your fears. "Nimesema sitaki..." You went on insisting and sobbing. Then I reached out in between your thighs, with my hand, where you had hidden your cold and trembling hands, and stole the right one. "Tafadhali..." I made a desperate whisper. "Mtima wangu u karibu kuzama, tafadhali naomba uninusuru...tafadhali Malaika."  

You then felt the warmth on my hands, warming yours, looked up, and whispered tearfully, "Umekuwa wapi? Nimekuwa nikikusubiri humu siku zangu zote. Hungewasili, mwenzio ningeangamia. Nimekubali, nitakunusuru...Wewe ndiwe...Haya, nipe huo mtima ulioushika mkononi mwako nikuwekee vyema." 

I then handed you my almost dying heart. You ripped open your rib cage and gently, securely placed it in place. Handed me yours, helped you up, then walked together side by side, holding each other towards the street lights. 

We knew we had found a home in each other. "Nakupenda." Smiling, looking up at me, "Nakupenda pia." You said, pulling my coat hem tightly towards yourself, fitting your tight body under my chest. We felt complete!

"Dark Alley"
 Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


I can see it on your face,
The frown in your cheer,
This -distance- is a mess,
I do wish, you were here,
All so lonely, in the vase,
With your sad teddy bear,
But where love's the case,
The pain is worth to bear.

Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha



I hate smiles,
It was your smile,
I fell in love with,
when we first met.

I hate smiles,
For when you left,
You took away mine,
You left with a smile.

"I Hate Smiles"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


Do I need to write me down?
Do you want a piece of this?
Am I making a damn clown?
Making some sense, at least?
Bathe in gas, ignite a match,
Will that light up your world? 
And if I burn my own soul up,
Just to make yours, wake up,
Will you souvenir my ashes?
At the end of that dark tunnel,
If I keep on burning like hell,
Will you keep running to me?
Would you still believe in me,
As the little light that led you,
At dawn, when the sun rises?
Will you leave me for the sun?
Will you, after am burnt down?
Will you still love me, will you? 
Please tell me, will you do that?
Deep down, I know that you'll!

Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha




That incredible feeling,
Walking on dry leaves,
Dry, delicious, crunchy,
Strides taking up bites,
Feet chew, gorgeously,
Oh, am a satisfied soul,
Nature's a loving mum,
What a lucky son I am!

"Lucky Son"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


Saturday, 8 October 2016


"Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who's the fairest of them all?"

Oh, young poor troubled soul,
Would you wash off that scowl,
Then, put on a smile, that is all,
You won't ever need me, at all,
My queen's the fairest of 'em all.

Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


Sins do vanish,
luck holds blemish,
what hath night done?
Wake up smell thy sun,
coloured shadows doth,
like wrapping in cloth.
Oh, ye sweet moocher,
cursed rusty heart vulture,
brittle struggles yolden,
yot thy hearts golden, 
thou careless author,
thee indite a rethor. 

"Brittle Struggles"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha



The smell of freshly lawned fields,
Noses feeding on that scented hair,
Our presence feels, fills up the air,
Point at the whitened fluffy clouds,
Our lips slug, honey take me there.

"Lawned Fields"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


Friday, 7 October 2016


It was Tuesday again,
Choose day, all again,
Yes, you'd chosen me,
Now am out of options,
And gave up on auctions,
My heart on your trolley,
Off of the retailer's shelf,
My emotions are rolling,
Along with my entire self,
And when Sunday comes,
I'll say a long deep prayer,
When this market, calms,
Don't get subs to compare.

Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


Am really glad they made ink,
'Why's that?' You might think,
Well! Some of us, are crowds,
Fitted, under a stretch of skin,
We talk to ourselves hold it in,
All that, in a conflicted brain,
Sometimes, we're at all peace,
Other times, yelling for peace,
Don't judge by the calm faces,
Or the stillness, of our voices,
Monsters don't always behave,
Am really glad they made ink,
They can say, what they have,
Take pieces of what they give.

Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

"DID I?"

When I say or do something
that makes you smile, I adore
you light up in your full spirit,
and wonder,
                 "Did I just do that?"

"Did I?"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


Poison vines,
Whirl up lives,
Ninety Nines,
Hundred mines,
Man still fetus,
Words feed us.

"Poison Vines"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Thursday, 6 October 2016


Tends to capture spirits in bottles,
The ends fracture bones in battles,
Cage poor shadows, light sets free,
Won't cry arrows if bullets are free.

"Arrows; Bullets"
Andy Mwalasha


She was like a balloon,
All that she had hoped,
Love, beautiful as noon,
She'd play with cactuses,
And the thorns on roses,
Soon, she was popped!


Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


No strings attached,
You had always said,
Those eggs hatched,
Memories won't fade,
My eyes, always cry,
Tears, just won't dry,
Hours, on my phone,
Photos I took of you,
Having a cream cone,
What now should I do,
You're gone, am lone.

Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Friday, 26 August 2016


I've got reds and blues on my window pane,
If I set foot on my door mat, it'll serve pain,
Yes, you say you call me out just for peace,
But if I pull my door knob, I'll rest in peace.

"Reds And Blues"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Saturday, 20 August 2016


Smoking on a lollipop,
Sucking on a cigarette,
Dosing off on hip-hop,
Jamming on 90's blues,
Raining up the ground,
Dusting, down the sky,
Roof that floor, get it?
Floor that roof, get it?
Spare, a stranger's life,
At a cost of a brother's,
Read me a scary story,
Hm, kiss me goodnight,
Will you ever, be sorry,
For ruining a dear night,
Mesmerized by billions?
Their counts start at one,
If I was never rained on,
I would never know that,
Umbrellas do hold magic.

Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


Married to this lost my ring in the ring,
Fighting for this, survival, is the thing,
Love, a dirty game am dating a cleaner,
Undressed, my tongue would clean her,
Please, don't show your dog my bunny,
Don't warm your heart with my flames,
When am deep into misery and burning,
Take an aim and a shot, I'll take blames,
I don't know, if I'll ever, get this picture,
I was not there, when you took the shot,
On the funeral day you bug the preacher,
And he has never seen a man being shot,
Lives alone neglected, I pay my own rent,
And what is this wind doing in my house?
Stays in my own small head full of regret,
I am not ever alone, misery, is my spouse,
And, I count my toes, and my fingers too,
But my problems outnumber, that by two,
All these laughs, my smiles are an illusion,
They're beautiful, but dirty, like the ocean.

"A Dirty Game"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


You say you love me, I think I love myself,
You are short, my heart's high up this shelf,
I'll make a damn graveyard, with this poem,
The guy I see in my mirror you do owe him, 
Few prayers, oceans of tears, to this, Amen,
I kill no ladies, my gun only points, at men, 
A thorny tree, you'd still dare steal my fruits,
Conflict of ideologies, take flowers or fruits,
Make your damn choice, I'll water the roots,
Point it at you, spit, lick my lip and it shoots,
If lucky, crawl home with none of your boots.

"Crawl Home"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Saturday, 13 August 2016


Lying in an ocean, full of lobsters,
Pinned on a sky with broken stars,
Bloody wounds, now brown scars,
Walking this life alone, I hate cars,
Your floors' cleaner than my plate,
Well, that is, the type of talk I hate,
Maybe gold's just premium yellow,
Realities will unfold you'll yell Oh,
Hm you told me size doesn't matter,
Certainly the size of the brain does,
Stupid to feel like, it won't hurt her,
Rub a blade, hoping it won't cut her, 
I am, just a flower, waiting, for rain, 
Unplucked my petals yes it did pain!

Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


When am I going to understand this,
That flies have shorter lives than us,
Yet fly around like they live forever,
That we think we are special beings,
But deep in our hearts we're animals,
Maybe 'Mother Bunny' in the jungle,
Loves her family and kids a bit more,
Than we do love, our very very own,
We think we are better than any being,
Oh, what a stupid thing to think about,
We're more savage than the primitives,
Hate me but the truth's always painful,
You won't ever get it and neither will I,
Maybe till mosquitoes become donors!

"Special Beings"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


Tuesday, 2 August 2016


I saw a place I've never seen,
The dark corners of my soul,
Went deep into my own self,
So deep, that I felt lost in me,
It's a place I've never been to,
A place full of ugly monsters,
Hate, fear, sorrow, and anger,
Made friends I'd hate to keep,
They crawled, on parts of me, 
But I fled and hid in happiness,
I hope and pray that some day,
They won't come hunting me!

"A Dark Place"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Monday, 1 August 2016


The light,
At the end of the tunnel,
Didn't die.

Your eyes, 
Grew tired, collapsed and,

You made it die,
Your weakness, a defeat,
It's a feeling...

"The Light"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


Where are you taking me?
You take my hand and say it's okay,
Why do you believe in me?
That I'll remember this path another day,
What if I want to be free?
What if I never meant any word I'd say?
What if by your side, I'll not long stay?
What if this walk will never pay?
If am lost in this valley, I'd weep and cry,
And in the next ridge, you'd lay,
In that day, I'll be okay, if far from me, 
You'd stay...

"Far From Me"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Friday, 29 July 2016


Served me a delicacy on a dirty plate,
Walking in life, legs on my shoulders,
Bathing in tears, is what my soul does,
And I seem to find love in what I hate,
Life is a journey, I think am out of fuel,
Heaven's hard, I heard angels are cruel,
Well at first this was indeed something,
But, chasing after it, leaves me panting,
I'll say it again that this life is a journey,
And I've seen peoples' dreams decaying,
By the roadside, life's a game too honey,
I've figured out you indeed love playing,
It's a game not a sport, sorry for saying,
It is a game, with no loser nor a winner,
You either fall as a quitter or a survivor.

"A Journey...A Game..."
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Two strides from her,
She felt too close to me,
Like I was tattooed on her,
Stepped two away from me,
I felt fear sprout within her,
She couldn't run from me!

"Two From Her"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Saturday, 23 July 2016


This music seems to interfere with my emotions,
Serving love and hate in unbalanced proportions,
Am next in the queue and running out of patience,
If my truth seems blurry, brush off your eyelashes,
A tonne of answers, not enough to fill the dashes,
Truth fed me good but then burnt my dirty dishes,
They say life is short, well, am ever doing dashes,
Go out, sell your soul, let your heart pay the cost,
Hold a heart, toss it around, cry not when it's lost,
Am indeed a fool for you, when you're full of me,
Am food for you, only when, you are feeding me,
Elephants have big teeth, but, rats chew the most,
R.I.P, yet we'll disturb the tombstone, if it is frost,
A lie blossoms amid those lips and feels so crispy,
Dear truth, it's long since we met, do you miss me?

"Dear Truth"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha




Cheeks eroded and deep furrowed,
An engineering thanks to the tears,
Ears full of entangled webs, of lies,
Trust's an infant died in conception,
Pores on the skin, filled with worry,
The art on the heart a million cracks,
The hurt on the mind, heavy misery,
The body dances, a song of memory,
But, deep, on the cracks of the heart,
Sprung pure love, for one more soul. 

"One More Soul"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


A heart, pure white as cotton,
Ruined it, wiping off wounds,
This is Satan with his coat on,
Sorrow is, his musical sounds, 
Spun out of a mess caught on.

"Spun Out"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


How kind,
Of you my dear,
To sing me, 
Lovely lullabies,
Just to creep,
In the wee hours,
Later in the night,
Up the edges,
Of my cold bed,
Serving me, with,
Horrible nightmares. 

Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

Friday, 22 July 2016


Life is about finding something to do,
Keeping busy with something worthy,
Whilst waiting for that one funeral day,
Ouch, am so sorry if that did hurt, okay,
If I say that we'll never die, that is a lie,
The truth's not welcomed, oh well, fine,
We'll fade away, we are not here to stay,
We are all tales scribbled down on sand,
Unless you get that grip and understand,
You will always, take your story, lightly,
You'll, also ruin, others' tales, and, sadly,
'You Only Live Once' will be an excuse,
For the sins and wrongs that you choose,
Well no dispute, we only live once, right,
But you can live several lifetimes in a life,
Tame your eyes, before the darkest night,
Oh, luck making something out of this life!

"Tales On Sand"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha




Gone are the days that you'd rest your head on my chest and smell the scent of my ripe goosebumps, those days that I would lose count o...