Saturday, 11 April 2015

PARTED SOULS- African Kenyan Poet

It's one of the most wonderful occurrences that has been taking place since the birth of mankind. 'What are you talking about?' You may ask. Well, to give you a helping hand out of that, poets don't mostly really know what to write about when they firmly grip their pens. It just happens that they record their emotions, thought, feelings and realities in a balancing ratio and the result is an incredible piece of poetry. Wonderful! Isn't it?

Poetry is a passion that i enjoy and an alternative language that i speak. This is the reason why i did this short poem below to communicate a message and an issue that most of us face. Enjoy!


Heartbroken, shattered and crushed, eyes bled,

Loathe fully, stepping on stars, once in the sky,

Long, droopy blue face, fading happiness fled,

Ear-to-ear smiles eroded, by the tears from that cry.

I thought I was your palace,

And my heart your royal throne,

I thought I had been your King in Dallas,

And you, the Queen I would bow to as my own.

But now, darkness rules, only a candle for light,

Memories burn, like hot coal in my skull, a defeated knight,

Angry noises of ocean water coming over the shores at night,

 Fading brittle smile glowing under the late moon light

A fallen wounded King, with no weapon to fight,

In my eyes you no longer exist, maybe I just lost my sight,

A beautiful rose plant, you only gave me the thorny part,

Longed for the day taking vows ‘Till death does us part’



A Poem by Andrew Mwalasha

11th April 2015

 I hope you enjoyed. More poetry work coming your way. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

BROKEN SOULS- African Poet

Situations do come up making a shocking revelation that your lover isn't your soul mate. When he/she drills holes and sinks the boat, he/she leaves you with nothing but yourself in the middle of the ocean while he/she takes off to 'paradise' in a 'solo life boat'. At this point, you might drown yourself in tears and soak every pillow in the same, leaving emotions to the full control of your body.

As a poet, or rather a young poet, i wrote a short, simple poem sometimes back visualizing the situation as if it were my own to help you realize that all is not gone if in such situations. If the piece didn't fit the jigsaw, choose that which fits and create something meaningful!

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.

You were my flower, but this had to end.

Strong like a tower, but you would still pretend.

Love is a journey, it had to end.

All we were doing, we have to forget.

I heard you promising, what I will never get.

We had fun sleeping, under one blanket.

Love is a journey, it had to end.

Now goodbye, I wish you well.

I know we will come by, in heaven or hell.

Behave not like a passerby, visit me on your will.

Love is a journey, it had to end.

I hope that it was a short but enjoyable piece of poetry. My 'old classics' -Among my 1st poems i wrote in the past. (High School)

More poetry work coming your way.

Thanks for reading!


There are numerous ways for one to express his/her emotions, feelings and even convey messages and communicate. One of the most used ways since the birth of mankind has been art. It dates back to the old historic days, where people made art on rocks amongst other levels of creativity. Amazingly, God made the first piece of art from clay, named it man, and He was happy with it! This therefore brings the significance of art to incredible levels. The 'Earth' without 'Art' is just 'eh'.

Leaving the history of art as a story for another article, there are some basics that one needs for successful drawings and the utmost fun from the same. These are explained below.

  • Have the proper drawing equipments. Artists mostly fail when they don't prepare enough for the piece of art that they want to prepare. For a graphite pencil artist for example, make sure that you have the correct eraser, that doesn't leave your work dirty, the correct pencils, either B series or H series according to the details of the reference or levels of imagination, the proper drawing surface- i prefer white sheets of paper for pencil drawings and a paper blender for a realistic finish.
  • Get into the mood. This mostly applies to imaginative drawing. Visualise the drawing in your head before putting it down on paper. This also means becoming flexible and letting your hands have that artistic flow. 
  • Do the sketching. A drawing is a line that took a walk. Therefore, sketching here can be viewed as preparing a path for the drawing.
  • Draw what you see. After the sketching, it's now time to roll up your sleeves because this is the most interesting and tiresome part for most artists. If you thought you only required concentration skills in lecture rooms, i regret telling you that you were wrong. 'You must draw what the eye sees and not what you think you see!' This is the Basic Principle of Art. To attain realism and proper allocation of proportions, you can use the grid method where you use grids to help you attain likeness of the reference and your drawing.
  • Shading the drawing. Always shade with the light pencils first, for example, start with the B or H Pencil, so that it would be easy to erase mistakes. Then go over it with a darker pencil such as the 8B Pencil in the super darkest parts. While undertaking this process, make sure you place another clean sheet of paper over your drawing to avoid your hand messing up with the graphite as you move it while shading! Use a pencil blender to gain a soft shading in your drawings. You can alternatively use a tissue paper or an ear bud if you find trouble getting that from common stores.
  • Framing and final touches. Make sure you are satisfied with your work and every detail is included. You can the frame it creatively making it stand out from other peoples' work.
  • Identify your work. Always ensure that you have signed your work, include a watermark or a user name, for artists posting their work on instagram. This is to ensure that someone won't steal your work and make it his/ her own. Ensure that your label is placed where it can't be cropped out and it should also not interfere with your art work.
After keenly following every step above, your drawings should look better than this one that i did ;)


Gone are the days that you'd rest your head on my chest and smell the scent of my ripe goosebumps, those days that I would lose count o...