Saturday, 7 March 2015


I sat down, took my pen and scribbled this down. It turned out to be a Poem! The poem has a wide meaning and hence calls for strong interpreting skills to avoid misunderstandings- just saying- There you go, i hope you enjoy the poem.

Let’s do some lip syncing,
On the sofa, some hip sinking,
A bit, not so far, I’ll leap, no looking,
Nectar, crystals of sugar, lick off your pinky.

Mirrors don’t lie, beauty doesn’t die,
Reflections in the eye blur when you cry,
Besides you are high, yet not a smoke by,
Fluffy tantalizing pie, best served when dry
Memories brightening, sweet visions fading,
Endless sweat dripping, on the forehead trickling,
Warm breath brushing, skin slowly goose-bumping,
Melodies in the background playing, swift wind howling

Short-lived ecstasy, well, world full of gifts,
Finger on the door bell, everything up the waists,
Wrinkly, bright ever calm faces, a visit from my folks,
Had to handle some cases, great, old memories, clinging forks

7TH MARCH 2015.

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