Saturday, 5 September 2015


I'll be your cover, when it's cold,
Always your lover, love that's bold,
Kissing forever, fingers together fold,
Watching stars, days over, i'll ever hold.

You are a beautiful star, found you shinning in the sky,
An angel, that's who you are, brought beauty to my eye,
Poured out my love, a full jar, ever sweet with you my pie,
Sugary lips, feeling them from far, kiss me love, loosen my tie.

I will always say, "I love you", because that's how i feel,
I will always say, "I miss you", my empty heart, you fill,
I will always say, "I need you", without you, life's a raw deal,
It's true love for you, "Will you marry me", on one knee, i will kneel.

Love Poems Collection  
~Andrew Mwalasha

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