Tuesday, 7 April 2015

BROKEN SOULS- African Poet

Situations do come up making a shocking revelation that your lover isn't your soul mate. When he/she drills holes and sinks the boat, he/she leaves you with nothing but yourself in the middle of the ocean while he/she takes off to 'paradise' in a 'solo life boat'. At this point, you might drown yourself in tears and soak every pillow in the same, leaving emotions to the full control of your body.

As a poet, or rather a young poet, i wrote a short, simple poem sometimes back visualizing the situation as if it were my own to help you realize that all is not gone if in such situations. If the piece didn't fit the jigsaw, choose that which fits and create something meaningful!

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend.

You were my flower, but this had to end.

Strong like a tower, but you would still pretend.

Love is a journey, it had to end.

All we were doing, we have to forget.

I heard you promising, what I will never get.

We had fun sleeping, under one blanket.

Love is a journey, it had to end.

Now goodbye, I wish you well.

I know we will come by, in heaven or hell.

Behave not like a passerby, visit me on your will.

Love is a journey, it had to end.

I hope that it was a short but enjoyable piece of poetry. My 'old classics' -Among my 1st poems i wrote in the past. (High School)

More poetry work coming your way.

Thanks for reading!

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