Saturday, 11 April 2015

PARTED SOULS- African Kenyan Poet

It's one of the most wonderful occurrences that has been taking place since the birth of mankind. 'What are you talking about?' You may ask. Well, to give you a helping hand out of that, poets don't mostly really know what to write about when they firmly grip their pens. It just happens that they record their emotions, thought, feelings and realities in a balancing ratio and the result is an incredible piece of poetry. Wonderful! Isn't it?

Poetry is a passion that i enjoy and an alternative language that i speak. This is the reason why i did this short poem below to communicate a message and an issue that most of us face. Enjoy!


Heartbroken, shattered and crushed, eyes bled,

Loathe fully, stepping on stars, once in the sky,

Long, droopy blue face, fading happiness fled,

Ear-to-ear smiles eroded, by the tears from that cry.

I thought I was your palace,

And my heart your royal throne,

I thought I had been your King in Dallas,

And you, the Queen I would bow to as my own.

But now, darkness rules, only a candle for light,

Memories burn, like hot coal in my skull, a defeated knight,

Angry noises of ocean water coming over the shores at night,

 Fading brittle smile glowing under the late moon light

A fallen wounded King, with no weapon to fight,

In my eyes you no longer exist, maybe I just lost my sight,

A beautiful rose plant, you only gave me the thorny part,

Longed for the day taking vows ‘Till death does us part’



A Poem by Andrew Mwalasha

11th April 2015

 I hope you enjoyed. More poetry work coming your way. Thanks for reading!

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