Sunday, 10 May 2015


For the love of our mothers, here is a poem i wrote on Mother's day 2015 as thanksgiving. Please, enjoy.

 Thank you Mothers for the great awesome work!

I yawned so hard cheeks became solid, jaws crumpled together,
I called so hard, voice became hoarse, couldn’t sing to get her,
Wide smiles, endless cheek kisses, tiny hurt ears, noisy laughter,
Let go the cries, freedom from monsters, celebrate moments after.

Under her arms I find my heaven, but to other arms she would place me,
With others, they might have them, but in her arms is the place for me,
Cries, wet eyes, harmless kicks, no trust, in their hearts, more like blasphemy,
A drop of trust, fingers tight on my cloth hem, a fixed glare blasts on me.

Silence falls, warmth in my little groin, waking up in sweet heaven again,
Soft rolls, not even a spark of pain, routine check, changes made again,
Similar calls, days like drops of rain, repeatedly does it, not even a gain,
Small dolls, volumes of toys, countless like grain, but for me, it’s a gain.

She washed me clean, but I continuously went back playing in the mud,
On fresh painted walls I would lean, with peaceful eyes, she was never mad,
Like a superhero, I would knock hard her chin, with a pat, it made her glad,
Bedtime stories, listened with keen, care and love made me  a handsome lad.

They are the spark of life, and the roots of mankind,
The flowers of our life, with fruits and sweetness of its kind,
Meant to love and to be loved, absolute mutual love for each other,
Standing on clouds, I will scribble on the sky, ‘I LOVE MY MOTHER’

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