Sunday, 15 November 2015


An all wrapping book. Our fore-fathers named it "Life". Well, we adopted the same name and so, we also call it "Life". A unique book which one only writes once and never gets a chance to read it, but just to mention, others do!

The book has a cover page, "The Birthday", the initial page where the first ever ink drop was dragged down the very first page. The cover page is a very special part of the book and it reoccurs in every chapter. It's normally colorful and mostly treasured by the writer of the book and also by other related writers who share almost the same content or with an interest in the content of the writer in question. It therefore holds a special place in the heart of the writer.

Like any other great book, chapters are a great deal in logical writing. Since this is a massive book, chapters prove to be an aiding element in relieving the writer the burden of a mixed up content. "Years", they are the chapters. They consist of "365 pages". Every fourth chapter has just a page more. All chapters in the book are introduced by a copy of the cover page, given some special touch with some special ink.

A book is like an abandoned sea shell, lifeless, when without what defines it as a book, pages. "Days" are the pages. Everyday is a precious page that one either voluntarily or involuntarily writes. Some opt to doodle on the pages and waste them but they still count when the book is being published. 365 of these pages, make a chapter!

You are the writer, or maybe the quill. every "minute" is a sentence punctuated by the breaths you take. The heartbeats between the words dictate the intensity of the sentence. It takes more than just ink to write into this book, so, the heart, soul, mind and blood should be blended together for the perfect ink. 

Well, sometimes writers make mistakes. Sadly, errors can never be erased and will forever remain in the book. Those are the pages the writer gets painful reviewing them. This however isn't a limitation to a great book! As long as the writer continuously scribbles into new pages considering the errors and mistakes of the previous pages, it'll all be perfect with all the flaws viewed as challenges meant to improve the writer's style and genre. Such aid the writer into growing the book's content. In addition, such type of writers have been known to publish the most successful books, with catchy contents!

Write wisely into your book! Make it voluminous as it can get. Scribble your history, have fun with your pages, yet meet your chapter objectives in time.

A great writer leaves a great legacy behind, because the book will only be published after the writer's last breath, and placed on shelves allover for young writers to review and aid them in writing their own.

Enjoy writing your "Book"!

Short Creative Writing
"The Book"
~Andrew Mwalasha

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