Thursday, 19 November 2015


The persona in this poem is a heartbroken soul that had been crushed, hurt and forced into dark unimaginable places, getting smashed between fierce realities of the world and the jaws of stinging pain caused by Love. Later on, this hurt soul finds the perfect soul "Angel" who heals all the wounds and proves to be the one, "Soulmate"!

Enjoy the Poetry :)


I choose to starve, food for thought, not my delicacy,
swallowed my tongue, i've loud pens, let them speak,
Don't mistake aliens for angels, both are from the sky,
pure, spotless white, like milk, filthy under the cream!

I'm drowning, lungs overflowing with water, skin's pale,
Time is cash, i bet it's more valuable in your timezone,
"Time is money", the reason I spend mine at the mall,
Stars in your ocean don't shine, they swim and survive!

My tears on hot sand evaporated, the rain you enjoyed,
stabbed me, died, then you caged my soul in a dungeon,
"DAYS" to me always meant that, I will "Do As You Say",
my soul from your fierce dungeon, rescued by an Angel!

Love Poetry Collection
"Cries From The Dungeon"
~Andy Mwalasha

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