Friday, 3 June 2016


We stood, 
lost in eachother's stares... then...,

"...She hugged me. Her little head,
against my chest...

her arms gently, swirled and whirled,
brushing all over, around my body,
gripping hard on my cloth hems...

...My arms, reaching out,
extend to her, taking in and absorbing,
her cute, lovely, little body...

...My head lowers, so I could
smell her, sweetly fragranced,
beautiful hair. Looking up, she,
smiles, then tightly sinks her
face into my chest...

Her lips,
whisper into my palpitating
heart. She says to it a little secret,
looks up once more and smiles...

And in that very moment,
We felt closer than ever before!
We became part to eachother...

...We felt,
at home, complete and in love!"

"Her Hug"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha



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