Wednesday, 1 June 2016


The little spark you lit in my heart,
Was what burned my soul down!
The smoke, you once pointed at,
Saying, 'We are love set on fire!'
That was my soul burning down!

Remember your ear on my chest?
And the rock fierce hard beatings?
That was my heart breaking down!
We went down the same road,
You drove on the pavements!
I had to stop living my dreams,
Just to live your hard realities!
Damn! Doing things your way,
Was always, the only best way!

Yes! You're a heartless goon,
Hired to kill, all my dreams,
Kill me instead! Spare them!
Came out of the womb alone,
Convinced me, I couldn't live, 
Without you in my damn life!

You were my best, I spent my all,
Then realised, I was damn stupid!
All the best things in life, are free!
Stole my worth, gave me emptiness,
Torn and tattered my lips with kisses,
'The truth will set you free', you'd say,
But it imprisoned me into depression!
Oh! Wasn't it supposed to set me free?

"Soul Mourns"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

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