Friday, 28 October 2016


Down a dark alley, strolling. A dying weak heart on one hand, on a countdown to its last beat. At a corner, you sat, terrified, afraid, eyes filled with mist, cheeks lotioned with tears. "Take my hand." A whisper charged amid my lips. "Sitaki...Mimi naogopa." You gave a dying response, without bothering to glance up, to find out who was asking.  

"Tafadhali" Insisting deeply hoping that you'll give in to your fears. "Nimesema sitaki..." You went on insisting and sobbing. Then I reached out in between your thighs, with my hand, where you had hidden your cold and trembling hands, and stole the right one. "Tafadhali..." I made a desperate whisper. "Mtima wangu u karibu kuzama, tafadhali naomba uninusuru...tafadhali Malaika."  

You then felt the warmth on my hands, warming yours, looked up, and whispered tearfully, "Umekuwa wapi? Nimekuwa nikikusubiri humu siku zangu zote. Hungewasili, mwenzio ningeangamia. Nimekubali, nitakunusuru...Wewe ndiwe...Haya, nipe huo mtima ulioushika mkononi mwako nikuwekee vyema." 

I then handed you my almost dying heart. You ripped open your rib cage and gently, securely placed it in place. Handed me yours, helped you up, then walked together side by side, holding each other towards the street lights. 

We knew we had found a home in each other. "Nakupenda." Smiling, looking up at me, "Nakupenda pia." You said, pulling my coat hem tightly towards yourself, fitting your tight body under my chest. We felt complete!

"Dark Alley"
 Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

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