Friday, 9 December 2016


There goes the alarm. Like it does every single morning. “Thank God they made a snooze button! Time to play the same game as yesterday’s, dear phone. Let’s see how long we can tolerate each other before finally giving in to all this ‘Go off alarm, and I’ll snooze you’ boring game. Just five more minutes please...”
That’s me and pretty much almost as many people in my own age every morning. The modern youth’s a lazy person. But as much as we’re, I don’t really blame ‘us’. Perhaps I should blame the whole system and the society for the rot. But, I won’t. I shouldn’t… I think I shouldn’t!
All this reduces down to an individual’s own self, and how much self-discipline has been gathered by themselves. “I will do this today.No, maybe tomorrow.” Well they say, tomorrow never comes. “Let me sit down and apply for the job right away! Oh Dear, She texted! I’ll chat with her first…” The modern youth lacks self-discipline. Incredibly mislead we are. Lost, and the light at the end of the tunnel is burning low. There are a lot of tunnels before us, to worsen the situation, to begin with. ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ have since become siblings. We’re torn between which one to follow.

“Tomorrow, I will wake up early, and make a change!” Tomorrow comes, the routine wrongs still rock! The modern youth needs a fresh pair of legs to walk in life with, and do away with the crutches the system and the society made us believe in. An American - Kenyan gentleman once said, “Yes we can!”. We can change it all. We can get those jobs. We can be early birds. We can pass those tests. All we need is just ourselves!

"The Modern Youth"
Drew Poetry 
~Andy Mwalasha.


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