Sunday, 19 February 2017


The universe made a mistake. I believe nothing is perfect after all, and that's no exception to the universe. Meeting you, that was a mistake. The universe made a mistake. Why did I have to be where I was, at a time when you were too? Why did our paths have to cross that you'll get to talk me into your world and into your life, and cause my porous naive heart to absorb your lies? 

Dear first love, you should have known of the depths of oceans of viscous pain and heartbreak you drowned me into at a time of my life that swimming in it wasn't a skill I had perfected. You shouldn't have let your dogs into my bunny's cage. You'd slap when needed to clap! Now, I nurse my wounds all alone, telling myself I'll never love again. I want to forget that part of my life you stole from me. If I could time travel back into time, I would murder Eve before she meets Adam, then Adam afterwards, that all humanity is erased from existence and from the face of this earth. You made me lack faith in it! You made me hate and doubt myself! You should have known, some things once broken can never be fixed. You of all people should have known better! 

"Dear First Love"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

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