Wednesday, 19 August 2015


We all get that feeling. When our dreams seem to flow so well that life feels so fresh. When the past smells so new and the present, a living gift.  The moon grins down every night as the stars playfully stick around in a scattered layout. Life gives us a friendly pat on our shoulders and grins throughout the travel. Only then, we realize the joy, the love, the smiles, the warmth that we regained when it started to snow, the courage to send blankets flying mid air on cold mornings, and the most unthinkable, the power to fight the urge of hitting the irresistible snooze button.

Oh well, behind every great start, there's a questioning mind. Think of this, waking up every morning with a sweet glimpse of the day's greatness. Where love and inspiration swiftly drive you to kiss the day as it beautifully breaks out of its shell. All that, propelled by that one grand reason, that what makes you feel reborn, loved, changed, new and happy again. Love. How incredible!

"Always believed, there's someone for everyone. Behind a lovely day, there's the power of love!"

'Behind a lovely day'
~Andy Mwalasha

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