Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Far into the galaxy, a peaceful life- like sphere has for centuries been spinning and going about its annual routine, moving around what we might term as the "Mother of Light". Its artistic, well placed blue and green patches, with some brown scattered detailing, make it stand out as the 'Mother of life". But not anymore, eliminating the distance, burning realities are revealed like the ocean sun at dawn. Wishes turn out to be worries and dreams become our worst living realities.

Out, by the countryside, enjoying the evening breeze on an old squeaky wooden chair. Memories pay my tired brain a friendly visit, and my fingers wrap around gripping hard on my coffee mug. A warm stream of ascending air from the mug brushes through my face leaving a moist coffee scented feel. I took short sips with satisfied full enjoyment on every drop down my throat, while the soft evening wind slowly flipped over my old tattered novel pages. Like all my days, i sat on the same spot every evening to watch the sun whisper goodbyes while it's beautiful rays waved at me.

Today was awfully different, i could hardly smile back when the sun waved at me. I could barely watch it signal its goodbyes. It felt like it was drowning and it desperately needed my help. For once, what i knew for years as fun turned out to be the darkest pain i could ever get subjected to. I was hiding into the dark corners of my soul, i grew terribly fearful of the unfolding realities.

My fingers grew weak. I could feel my muscles detach from my bones. Losing my grip on the coffee mug, gravity sent it rolling down the slope. The wind grew ragingly aggressive, my old tattered novel was set airborne in a twitch of a muscle. I rested my skull on my palms, closed my eyes and tried to look for that little spark behind my heavy eyelids. My heart started to palpitate. For a moment, it felt like it wanted to break out of my rib cage, which it has been imprisoned in for decades, and run to a free paradise. I lifted my heavy head from my palms, the sun was gone, heart broken, and it was obviously going to bed unhappy.

Life has never been still and peaceful, my heart has always fought me. The 'Mother of Life' hates me and would always empty my cup of love. She would rob me of my joy. Terrible destructive winds, raging floods, oven-like temperatures among her other disturbing measures would rip me off of my most precious moments.

Enough with the blame game, maybe I need to love her first to love me back. Maybe I need to keep her neat, heal her wounds and oil her scars. Show her that I care and ensure that I ultimately cover her with her favourite heavy green gown, which she loves so much.

 Then, I'll get to sit peacefully again in my favourite spot, taking short coffee sips while watching the sun whisper goodbyes with its rays waving at me. She won't get angry again, cause a storm or a whirl wind and ruin our little fun with the sun, instead she will watch and smile from the sky.

Now back to that great distance, far into the galaxy, a peaceful life- like sphere continues spinning, deep inside, it has been strong enough to take the harm for centuries, but from that great distance, it still stands out as the "Mother of Life"

"Heal the Earth"
-Andrew Mwalasha

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