Thursday, 27 August 2015


Sometimes, we feel like strands of grass caught in a crazy whirlwind. Other times, we get a calm feeling like the clouds on a sunny day. We happen to make the right choices in life but sometimes the world wants to prove us wrong for what we know is right. Simply judged by the barely open eyes the world sees us through and its dusty lens that it is deliberately reluctant to clean. The despise, dumped lost love and hearts fully soaked in hate.

However, the world is not always a crazy ill-willed monster, sometimes the monster lets us pet its fur and make fun of it. Waking up in the morning feeling like you saved the world, and smiling all throughout the day, well, one of those days you find reasons to smile at anything, anyone or any situation. Everything seemingly becomes interesting. Trees dance to the cool sugar-coated melodies of lively birds, the morning sun paints your beautiful shadow on the ground with its artistic rays, and the inner you knocks from the inside, quietly whispering, and softly singing along to the rhythm of the birds. That moves you to dance along thinking to yourself, 'Oh, what a beautiful day!'

Life can be two-faced, but the beauty is, we can always live it in our own liking! Whether life gives you a bumpy ride, or a smooth, lovely one, one fact should remain appreciated. "Life is Beautiful!".

-Andy Mwalasha

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