Thursday, 3 December 2015


Everyone's looking for that one person,
that will restore their lost hearts back.

Everyone's looking for that spark on,
their hearts will follow when dark.

Everyone's looking for a shield, rain on,
pours cats and dogs, won't bruise or bark.

Everyone's looking for a heart, loving version,
promising forever and never stabs any back.

And when my dreams came true, stars shone brighter,
Roses blossomed, grass greened and fields grew better,
clouds gave way to sun rays, my heart wrote a love letter,
melodic wind blew, singing in your cute voice and laughter.

I call you "My Rose", you call me "My Butterfly",
I call you "My Queen", you call me "My King",
I promise you forever, never will I ever say goodbye,
Your 'digitus medicinalis' will look lovely with a ring.

I Love You! I promise you Forever!

Love Poetry Collection
"Dreams and Promises"
~Andy Mwalasha

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