Saturday, 12 December 2015


Used to come naked, a reputation,
civilized, dresses to the occasion,
Fed with lies, aching tummy, lies,
Soul dies, wild-ed cries, fetid flies.

Killed my dream, where's the body?
Buried him? Ugh, my lifetime buddy!
being a man isn't just a massive groin,
stole, sold part of that boy, rusty coin.

Dear truth, i hate your birthday suit,
You must have had a careless mum,
I still like you, but, you aren't cute,
You make my heart beat like a drum.

You hurt, torture me, agonizing pain,
no remedy to memory, enemy to brain,
closed are my eyes, open is my mouth,
for truth's painful, that gnawing's worth!

Poetry Collection
~Andy Mwalasha

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