Wednesday, 4 January 2017


I was once as clean as a newly hatched chic's beak, but you turned me into hell's doormat. Misery's doorbell on pain's bunker! How did I allow a being that could be biologically altered and broken down into nothingness, a mass of flesh, bone, blood and some breath in its lungs to mess up with my dear precious life? You reduced me into a matchstick, that every time thoughts about you strike my mind, my whole being bursts into flames, reducing me into an ugly dark weak form!

I am lost. I am truly lost, yet you admit that you found yourself in me. What then happened when I wanted you to help me find myself? You were reluctant to leave your comfort zone and run into the woods to trace my wailing voices. Weren't you? Only God knows why. What I know is that you are human, no better than the rest of our own race and kind. 

"If you claim that my heart's your home, why then won't you preserve it?" I won't be stupid enough to ask you that question. Once again, I am knowledgeable that you are human, and humans have a bad reputation with preserving their homes. Oh yes! I can feel the Earth nodding. 

Well that aside, I swept all that dirt under the carpet, when you left. Someone that I used to know, an old friend, came knocking, and I warmly welcomed him back. 'Happiness', who seemed to have brought along a new friend whom he introduced to me as 'Positivity'. 

Just so you know, they helped me find my lost self. They redecorated the walls you scratched, painted them back, mended the cracks you caused, and once again in a very long while, my body is a perfect home for my being. 

With you gone, and I in the peaceful company of my two precious 'friends', in my own beautiful home, what more can I crave for?

"Friends After You"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha 

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