Monday, 23 January 2017


A bright future! That's what it was before I started wrestling with these earthly demons on the ground, whose struggles bore a cloud of dust that settled on my stars. Everything grew gloomy, dull and blurry. A dark world, losing hope trying to find at least, a little shard of faith to cling on.

So I cried out to the good Lord, to send an angel to polish my stars, that I'd once again have back my bright world. But then, I learned that they shot the angel down and made out of that, a feast! They walk around these days, with its bones around their necks!
I am summoning an army of words, and military-equipped phrases, by hitting hard these weak, little, tiny and helpless buttons on my computer, with the ruthlessness of a man whose skin has been peeled and his bare fleshed body, salted afterwards. I am speaking with the cracks of the pain of a man with a mouthful of marbles, with his torso immersed into the ground and an army of retards stepping on his head, crushing his teeth and jaws. For I want to leave a trail of pain on this paper, if not the very glass that I bled into!

That aside, I don't worry anymore where in this universe, I get to spend my next breath or where I take the next, or perhaps where I loose the other, for, between the ball point of my pen, and the purity of the faintly granulated surface of my paper, I found a widely calm, peaceful universe, where I truly belong!

"The Universe In Between"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

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