Friday, 22 July 2016


Life is about finding something to do,
Keeping busy with something worthy,
Whilst waiting for that one funeral day,
Ouch, am so sorry if that did hurt, okay,
If I say that we'll never die, that is a lie,
The truth's not welcomed, oh well, fine,
We'll fade away, we are not here to stay,
We are all tales scribbled down on sand,
Unless you get that grip and understand,
You will always, take your story, lightly,
You'll, also ruin, others' tales, and, sadly,
'You Only Live Once' will be an excuse,
For the sins and wrongs that you choose,
Well no dispute, we only live once, right,
But you can live several lifetimes in a life,
Tame your eyes, before the darkest night,
Oh, luck making something out of this life!

"Tales On Sand"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha



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