Saturday, 23 July 2016


This music seems to interfere with my emotions,
Serving love and hate in unbalanced proportions,
Am next in the queue and running out of patience,
If my truth seems blurry, brush off your eyelashes,
A tonne of answers, not enough to fill the dashes,
Truth fed me good but then burnt my dirty dishes,
They say life is short, well, am ever doing dashes,
Go out, sell your soul, let your heart pay the cost,
Hold a heart, toss it around, cry not when it's lost,
Am indeed a fool for you, when you're full of me,
Am food for you, only when, you are feeding me,
Elephants have big teeth, but, rats chew the most,
R.I.P, yet we'll disturb the tombstone, if it is frost,
A lie blossoms amid those lips and feels so crispy,
Dear truth, it's long since we met, do you miss me?

"Dear Truth"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha



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