Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Darling, when you were going into labour,
I was in the labour room, I read that gnawing pain, all written in your eyes. I saw you in tears, fears, but you never gave up. 

'Darling, am used to this', You'd say amid cries. 'I've carried it for months.' You'd whisper breathlessly. I remained motionless, speechless and stung by the realities of a young strong woman.

'Please leave the room, trust me I will be fine.' You plead. 'You don't want any piece of this.' You'd sob. 

But I chose to stay, for I cared for the baby and it's mother. I understood that a man doesn't run away from his family and the people he cared about. We just don't put off a fire we started when it gets darker, when the night's cold and the demons come crawling out of their caves.

The little born child will need both parents. The mother alone can't raise the child. If I left the room, the pain will utterly kill the mother and the little one will succumb to it too. So I stayed, witnessed the birth of our baby, a lovely being, a beautiful feeling, a new life!

"Love" was what it was. Your eyes lit up with a beautiful spark. Agony, pain and misery were a short-lived pregnancy, and love was born out of it. We both are proud of the lovely being and that we'll raise baby 'Love' together with utmost care.

That's why I smiled to myself with every single press of these keys, typing, spreading my heart out, letter after letter, word after word, that you'd feel the warmth it holds for you. 
A hand on my heart, I think to myself, 'Love, you have such a beautiful mother!' 

Honey, this is what I believe in, You and I, that's a worthy lifetime!


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