Sunday, 10 July 2016


The little child was the best inhabitant
to this body. He knew how to care for
it, loved it, kept it sacred. Took it to the
right places, filled it with hope, dreams,
joy, happiness, smiles, love and freedom.

The adult walked it. Selfish and mean.
Strangled the child, shamelessly killing
him. He was brutal and claimed that his
time was up!
The adult took this body to the wrong 
places, killed the dreams and hopes, then,
Introduced these painful realities and hurt.

Now he regrets it! Only if he could bring
him back. They could have lived together,
and shared this body.What if he listened to his
little, loud, persistent, painful innocent cries?

If the adult gave the child a chance to guide on
how to rightly care for, handle this body, before
giving him a nice deserving decent sendoff,
this tale would have been told far more 

Child Vs Adult
~Andy Mwalasha

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