Monday, 13 March 2017


When he was a little boy, his favourite toy was a blue toy racing car, which he'd spend most of his time pushing around the floor while his mother mopped the floor. He'd refuse to go out to play with other kids.

Now he's grown into a man and signed up with a rallying company. Today would be the greatest race of his lifetime. Her mother is there to watch her only son, her only boy, her only child and her only man make her proud.

As he squeezes into the driver seat of the racing metallic monster, she says a prayer in a thrill. But there's something the universe is keeping a secret from her, that if she knew about, she'd jump over the barriers from the audience without caring how much wear and tear the fierce asphalt would do to her precious wrinkles and pull him out.

Today, all she ever cared about in this world would vanish. Today, her little man would become a memory. He'd perish in a crash, in a flash.

She looks at his blue car, raving like a thirsty monster racing for an oasis as the flag drops. She feels pride build up, as tires screech away, leaving the crowd well fed with smoke and the smell of burning rubber, she jumps with the pride of a million champions, yelling, "Yeah, that's my son!"

Now freeze that scenario for a minute. I can't imagine I am about to ruin this. The old mother will sadly walk home with her world in a trash bin. She'll stand before her sitting room, decorated with his son's trophies and medals, mourn, cry and curse. A part of her will understand that he fulfilled his purpose and that it was worth it. But the other part, the motherly part, will never understand, and the void will go on unfilled for eternity. 

Back to the frozen moment, unfreeze it. She blows her whistle jumping and waving her arms, with a big poster that read "I love you Son."

Her happiness is about to get dull. The universe is waiting for the right time to serve devastation. It's waiting for her son's star to dim.

"Blue Car"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

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