A picture in my hands, slightly over two decades oldA baby tightly calm, in arms, my eyes grow wet and coldA tear splashes, onto a fold, on the picture's surface, onto my tiny infant face.

Taken few minutes after birth, I have always been told. With my innocent eyes closed, a tight grip on my fist hold. If I could ever have back, that moment in the picture, I would try, not to cry. I would smile back at you, mother, and high-five you, father.

You rocked me on your laps, when I couldn't shut my lips. I cried all night, you never slept. You always stood by me, and never left. Behind these grown irises of mine, you will always, forever, remain, the people who make me happy. Always, My Mummy and My Daddy.

"Mummy & Daddy"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha 


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