Monday, 6 March 2017


I must be crazy to write about this. But sometimes I look at myself, things and people around me, and think, "What awaits afterwards? What will be there when all this is gone, faded and the dust settled?"  
I like looking at myself and other people as fruits. Once, we never existed at all. Then on the trees that bore us, we began our existence as little adorable beautiful flowers. At that point, we were what humanity should be truly reflected as. Pure, beautiful, innocent, lovely, honest little beings. We were equal flowers, beautiful and adorable.

Slowly, we started our growth into fruits. Here, we defined our different distinguished tastes, as either the bitter ones, the sour or the sweet. We developed a seed in us as time went by, which is the reason for our existence, a driving force in us; what we'd call a soul.

As time goes on, we mature and ripen. At ripening, we tend to attract all sorts of pests that want to steal from us, the preciousness of our beings. 

It's so sad that some fruits never make it to the maturity stage or into the final harvesting basket. They drop while immature, get infected with worms before or while they get to the maturity stage or ripening. Some are tossed off their stalks by bad storms and some simply drop because their stalks have given up.

Here is the scary part, like every fruit, the flesh rots but the seed germinates and keeps on the cycle. So then, "What will be there after this, when all this is gone? When I've fallen or been harvested, when my flesh rots, will
my seed germinate? What type of a tree will I leave behind and what type of fruits will it bear after I am gone, faded and the dust settled?" 

"What Awaits Afterwards?"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha

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