"Yes" and "No" were hard choices. "No" particularly had a really hard shell to crack. So I went for the easier one, and said "Yes" every time to your selfish desires.

Every time you wanted to steal away a part of me.

Every time you needed the smell of my burnt soul.

Every time you wanted the smell of my blood and my 

Every time you made an offer to crack my heart.

And when my being was all burnt down, you'd roll up my bills, cut my ashes into small stripes every night on your table with my credit card, and sniffle them up. I was so blinded by the glitter on your sword that I couldn't see or feel the cuts you were impaling on my skin.

I finally found strength to say it. I finally cracked open the "No" shell. But it was too late. You had already scattered my ashes into the waves of the sea. 

"Hard Choices"
Drew Poetry
~Andy Mwalasha


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